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Charlie C Left a review for Wicker Furniture

July 11 2018 Public
%20wicker%20furniture home%20services miami reviews

Wicker Furniture

I actually misplaced my iPhone inside the store from jumping around the beds lol nevertheless they found it this week and called me immediately! Thank you again g...

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Charlie C Left a review for wallpaper installation new york

September 20 2017 Public
Wallpaper%20installation%20new%20york professional%20services brooklyn reviews

wallpaper installation new york

Farid,installed wallpaper in our nursery this week and did an amazing job. The wallpaper was applied on one wall and they were in and out in a couple of hours. Ve...

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Charlie C Left a review for Mirror Company New York

September 04 2017 Public
Mirror%20company%20new%20york home%20services new%20york reviews

Mirror Company New York

I down-sized and was reluctant to part with my Grandma's antique mirror which always loomed large in the living room of our family home. Along with the replacem...